Decorative String Lights – Key Benefits and Some Creative Indoor Applications

Decorative string lights are increasingly found ubiquitously for quite a while. They gain their place fitted nicely among other decorative lights. People love them because they produce particular quality of light and also due to their versatility.

Numerous examples can be seen from being very nice Christmas lights to providing superb settings and backdrops for parties and weddings, decorative string lights are broadly used and considered among the best string lights available.

Some of Key Benefits

  1. Energy Efficiency

Many of the decorative string lights – traditional Christmas lights, for example – are built with bulbs which produce a lot of heat. Such bulbs, many of which are incandescent and at time creating a pleasant looking light, require a lot of electricity for most of the energy they consume is lost to heat generation rather than light output.

String lights generate far less heat and are therefore, more energy efficient. In fact, LEDs are believed to be 90% more energy efficient compared to incandescent lights. Furthermore, many of them deliver a soft, warm glow which is akin to traditional lights, so they will not lose out on the aesthetic charm. The key differences are that LED lights use up much less energy and that they are cool to the touch, making them safer to handle.

  1. Durability

Most of traditional decorative lights are featured with bulbs which are constructed from glass. This kind of material will shatter easily if dropped. Moreover, their average working life is only a few thousand hours. Meanwhile, more recent string lights which are frequently made with more durable materials and may last up to 200,000 hours. In other words, the LEDs of string lights are rarely affected if they unintentionally fall to the ground and will offer a much longer operational time before the lights need replacing.

  1. Safety

Based on construction and energy efficiency, many lights can safely be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. For starters, the bulbs stay cool due to the low voltage required to activate them and many are finished with waterproof cables which prevent damage in damp conditions. On the other hand, numerous traditional decorative lights are either completed specifically for indoors or outdoors. In other words, those built for outdoors may get too hot so they won’t be appropriate for indoors, while those constructed for indoors only, are not water-resistant.

  1. Versatility

String lights offer a lot more decorative options compared to other traditional decorative lights. In addition to being reliable Christmas lights, they can be applied to trim rooms, patios, as accent lights and as centerpieces. Moreover, they can be employed at weddings, in place of Halloween lights and at different kinds of parties. Other lights lack this flexibility due to the detail that they are not energy efficient and not safe to be used in some spaces or for an elongated period of time.

  1. Cost Effective

As LED technology has gotten more prevalent, so has the cost of items made from it. Countless lights come in a similar price range to incandescent and other decorative string lights. In fact, some cost the same or even less. However, the real cost effectiveness can be found in to be way cheaper with the longevity factor. Put it on another way, the LED string lights are going to be replaced far less often compared to other decorative lights in their class, hence you will only spend less money over an equal period of time.

Some Indoor Decorative Applications

Petite, sparkling lights evoke such a magical glow reminiscent of fireflies, and come in a rainbow of colors, a wide range of styles and even whimsical shapes. Most of string lights have ornamental charm that goes way beyond the holidays. And the following are some creative ideas for applying decorative string lights indoors.

Romance in the Bedroom

It can be said that string lights are just as romantic as candles, yet with no fire risk. Some creative ideas can be by wrapping a strand of white or gold lights around your headboard, or outline a solid headboard with lights attached to the wall. For a four-poster bed, decorate a twinkling canopy by stringing lights back and forth between the posts. Drape a few lights along the curtains; surround a mirror; or else cast a magical glimmering by applying string lights into a glass vase or bowl and placing it on the nightstand.

Light Up the Kids’ Room

You may replace a nightlight with string lights. Apply icicle lights to add an attractive, radiant touch to the curtains or the top of your kid’s closet door. Keep away night’s creepy feelings by running lights back and forth along the ceiling over your kid’s bed. Fill a mason jar with battery-powered string lights to reproduce the magic of a jar full of fireflies. If your kid is still very young, wait until they’re older before applying string lights in their room.

Whimsicality in the Living Room

You can find lights in many different forms, and display them with whimsically shaped lights over a doorway or along a shelf. If you wish for a more calm style, match pair string lights along the fireplace mantel with your living room decor, emphasizing a bookcase or outlining the windows. Apply string lights to generate a design on the wall. Arrange the lights into an abstract design, or form a star or light up the family name.

Bathroom Elegance

Use a strand or two of string lights to offer the guest bathroom a touch of surprising elegance. Attach white string lights around the shower curtain bar, or outline the top of the shower stall when not in use. Create magical reflections with gold or silver lights around the bathroom mirror.

Some Other Creative String Lights Indoors

  • Fairy lights

Cast magical spells to your home interiors with these tiny, sometimes twinkly, white or clear bulbs that look like fairy dust when entwined in tulle. They can be applied to the bedroom, pumpkin or chili pepper lights set the stage for tricks, treats or salsa picante in a dining room or kitchen. Or re-create the shadows of moonlit garden or even undersea reefs indoor with blue or green bulbs.

  • Snowfall

Transform your ordinary room into a winter scape with strings of white lights descending from the ceiling. Mix white stars, flowers or tiny twinkling bulbs at regular intervals across one end of a room by the window or over the entire ceiling. Look for light strings on white or clear wire to maintain the frosty illusion.

  • Rainbow Wall

Drape or tie different colored string lights close together from a wrought-iron drapery rod or a full length of bamboo hung horizontally high on the wall. Allow them fall in an even spill down the wall to form a curtain of light. Twinkly white fairy lights freeze an ordinary wall into a glacier of light. Arrange a low sofa before the shimmering wall, or allow it be the backdrop to an intimate dining table and chairs. A light wall in the foyer creates a spectacular entrance for guests arriving for a party.

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Tent

Group six to 12 strings of lights together in a ring or hook in the ceiling of a playroom and fan the strings out as they touch the floor to form a tent. For more festive campsite, stream colorful ribbons or lengths of fabric from the ceiling hook, between the light strings. Choose LED lights that remain cool to the touch, and allow a wide enough opening for the tent entry so tenants will not brush against the string lights every time they enter or leave.

  • Luminous Language

Write a message on the wall with rope lights or braided fairly lights to illuminate an important idea, quotes, or greetings. Solid-color lights are simplest to read, but confetti of colors is absolutely more fun.

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