Elegant Furnitures – Picking the Right Fabrics for Your Ottoman Upholstery

Most people won’t think about buying a sofa set without a matching ottoman. Why would anyone want an ottoman with his or her sofa set? There are some reasons for this. First, ottomans are more than simply footstools – they are able to offer another place to sit at times.  Second, ottomans will give additional space to keep your reading materials like magazines or other items. And the last, ottomans don’t merely look neat, but fabric ottomans can work well with any sofa set and create such elegant furnitures.

In fact, many people love the ability and versatility to mix and match ottomans with their sofa sets, means that they do not only take the ottoman that comes with the existing sofa set. It is particularly true with fabric ottoman designs. In this case, if you dislike the square ottoman, you may go for a round one. What about if you don’t like the design on the round ottoman? Simply pick a square fabric ottoman with a better design.

Which One is Right for You?

There are indeed plenty pros and cons about certain fabrics when we are talking about general seating pieces’ upholstery. Fabric is a fundamental part of every room – more specifically the living room. Appropriate furniture fabrics are able to work well toward producing a beautiful, comfortable, and practical interior.

Seating fixtures are designed with upholstery fabrics which are frequently found in myriad of different options. For most living rooms, fabrics are the most highly recommended for hard-wearing and stain-resistant materials. However, there still many other popular fabrics or upholstery materials to be taken into account when you wish for adding ottoman to your existing décor. Let’s find out about varied upholstery fabrics you may apply to your ottomans.

  • Leather or Vinyl

By and large, leather is a durable material solution for more furniture. It can be easily wiped and cleaned, as well as tolerate vacuuming. To maintain such elastic upholstery, it is suggested that you use a conditioning product routinely. You cannot expose leather furniture to sunlight for it will cause fading and cracking.

If you love the visual look of leather but favor a synthetic material at a lower price, thus you may take into account vinyl. This material provides the same stylish appearance yet with less maintenance. As an example, you can simply get rid of spills and dust with a lightly dampened cloth. Improve your leather or vinyl furniture with a matching throw or blanket to enhance comfort and complement a layer of defense.

  • Cotton

It can be said that cotton is a top choice for home furniture ideas. This can be attributed to its cozy texture and appearance. On its own, cotton lacks both stain and fire resistance. Therefore, it’s recommended to select a cotton blend infused with other materials for supreme performance and durability. Cotton fabrics come in different weaves and patterns to match your individual style requests or necessities. For example, canvas weaves evoke a more casual look, while damask is perfect for a more elegant and formal living room décor scheme. When determining on what fabric is correct for your living room, the most significant thing to contemplate is how you are planning on using it.

  • Nylon

In order to improve durability and stain resistance, nylon is frequently combined with other fabrics. For instance, you may encounter nylon is integrated into velvet fabrics to enhance the quality of the fabric and avoid crushing. Nylon is an ideal option for regularly used living rooms, posing matchless wear. The only shortcomings of this fabric are fading and pilling. Nylon mixtures are easy to clean, letting you to simply clean spills with a damp cloth or use an upholstery cleaning spray for tougher stains.

  • Rayon

Rayon is considered as one of the leading fabrics for living room furniture, specifically when it is combined with other fabrics. This fabric was formerly developed to function as an alternative to silk, for it provides a similar look and feel. Because some rayon is inclined to wrinkling, it’s better to choose a high-quality rayon fabric for best results. Thanks to technological improvements, today’s rayon fabrics are delicate yet durable. This material creates an ideal covering for accent chairs, however can be too light as a sofa covering. Always be sure to recall any special thoughts you may have when selecting the right fabric for your home interiors.

Selecting Fabric Colors

Once you have made decision on a fabric, next step is to select the color of your upholstery. Go Trendy colors can be such tempting choices, however it is better to go for neutral shades. These tones are going to confirm that your furniture pieces will serve you for years to come. There are countless ranges of the neutral color family – beige, brown, and black, to name a few. If you have these neutral-toned furniture as your foundation, it is going to effortlessly stress-free to modify the color scheme of your space with other elements like window treatments, throw pillows, area rugs, wall arts, and still many more.

Making a Statement

To make a statement with your fabric ottoman designs, it’s significant to elect simple ottoman that frequently goes together with a sofa set. Rather, in order to create such a real fashion statement in your home, it is better to buy an ottoman that does not match the sofa set. In this case, you may also pick for an ottoman that does fit the base color, but the design on the fabric can be dissimilar.

Contemplate the texture and color of the ottoman you wish for. Great majority of fabric ottomans are available in different print designs. As an example, to harmonize a light-colored sofa set with the animal-print theme pillows, you can choose a light-colored ottoman with an animal-print theme design. This will not simply match the sofa pillows, but also boost the visual appearance of the interior.

Another idea can be buying fabric ottoman designs that counterbalance the color of the sofa. Go for a light-colored ottoman to match dark fabric sofas. Otherwise, you can choose a dark fabric ottoman to match the color of light fabric sofas. If your furniture are featured with wooden armrests, you can select a classy ottoman with less fabric and more of the wood display.

Ottoman Shapes

Fabric ottomans are widely available in numerous colors and styles. The most generally seen ottoman shape is square with four wooden feet. Others can be round, oval, and heart-shaped. Some ottomans also come in unique styles and shapes that take after flower petals, for example. Meanwhile, others are custom made and designed in unique features that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you have a sofa set with sharp, defined corners, you may match it with a square ottoman with firm edges. For a softer, plush look, go for an ottoman shape that is round or has soft edges. Choose whether the ottoman will have a base of four wooden feet, or a solid wooden base. Those with a solid wooden base frequently double as a storage unit.

Storage Unit Ottomans

Do you require extra space to store magazines or books that you regularly read? A storage unit ottoman can be one of perfect alternatives for you. These ottomans habitually constructed in a square or circular wooden bottom. This makes it laid-back for you to keep items. Most of your square, round, or oblong ottomans enjoys this storage capacity. Some of them even have latch closed to keep hidden items protected.

Choose Easy-to-Clean Materials

Spills and scratches are assured to occur with an ottoman, mainly in a hectic household. For example, suede material is hard to manage, whereas acrylic and microfiber is more stress-free to retain clean.

Households with small children or pets should decide on microfiber, as it is water resistant. This material also withstands well against extreme or excessive use and exploitation. On the other hand, acrylic material is flawless for spills, as this fabric category does not absorb any liquid. Most fabric ottomans made with acrylic are typically designed in a stripe or plaid pattern. Although a popular option, it is better not to buy leather ottoman material if you raise pets in your house.

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