Home Exterior Landscaping with Garden Ornaments – Types and Features

Want something different with your home living exterior space? Perhaps, you are looking for a somewhat magical and mesmerizing landscaping? If so, you can go for garden ornaments.

Indeed, garden ornaments will definitely transform your exterior landscaping into an enchanted and captivating place. They are able to turn an overcast corner turn into a surprisingly impressive focal feature. You can use them as focal points in your gardens. To meet countless demands and preferences, garden ornaments are widely available in various different types, as well as features which come in loads of shapes, sizes, forms and colors.


By definition, a garden ornament is one of objects applied to adorn and boost gardens, parks, or other exterior landscapes. Some of common garden ornaments are, among others, bird baths, fountains, sundials, furniture, statues, pedestals, and planters.

Historically, the earliest record of the use of garden decorations can be dated back to the Ancient Rome. Since then, the major styles that have cropped up have been the Italian Renaissance garden, the French garden, the English landscape garden, and Japanese garden. These types of gardens are considered having a high sense of art. In fact, they can be somewhat challenging yet highly rewarding to create and maintain.

Ancient Rome Garden


Garden Statues

No garden is complete without a statue ornament of an angel, animal or figurine. Statues will complement the plants, flowers and trees in the garden whilst also enticing attention to the beautifully landscaped lawn. Animal statues ornaments are very popular because of their relation to gardens and lawns.

Garden statues are an amazing garden ornament which can be seen in many wonderful and imaginable shapes and sizes. They can be found from mythical elves to life size human statues to angelic and biblical figures. These sorts of garden ornaments will bring color and design elements to your yard and garden. Garden statues can be created to stand alone or they can be made into your garden, by means of ornament moulds. Other kinds of garden statues are available in attractive elements like fountains and bird baths.

You may find this garden ornament are constructed from different materials – cast stone, concrete, cement, aluminum, and many more. It’s up to your preference. One of the advantages having garden statues is that homeowners are able to integrate the same landscaping design theme by using garden statues which best suits the design theme, for example Japanese garden ornaments.

Garden Planters

Planters are not only used to house potted plants and flowers but they can also be used as ornamental features throughout the lawn and garden. Garden planters are available in broad variety of man-made and natural materials which consist of stone, terra cotta, pottery, ceramic, polyethylene, brass, wrought iron, concrete, wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Also, you can find them in a huge assortment of shapes and colors.

They are such a delightful garden ornament which can be applied to your garden, pool area or patio. Since they can accommodate countless types of plants, garden planters are able to evoke beauty to your front and back gardens. Moreover, they can be such a great combination especially when two or more are placed in the same area for they will produce color, life and splendor.

Garden Gnomes

Lawn and garden gnomes have been around in gardens since the 1960’s. Yet they are still very popular amongst today’s homeowners and you can still see them across the world. One of the reasons is that these petite ornamental creatures have their own characteristics of happiness and excitement. You can paint them based on individual styles and schemes – typically in gorgeous and bright colors. They are the perfect guardian angels of the garden or lawn on your property.

Indeed, a garden these days is not complete without the presence of a garden gnome. In more detail, this sort of garden ornaments is usually dwarf-like creatures. They are believed to bring good luck to any garden. Garden gnomes are generally hand-crafted, made of clay, and available in different small, medium and large sizes with varied gnome themes – hugging trees, pushing wheel burrows, holding garden equipment, and feeding birds and other garden animals. Garden gnomes are generally hand crafted and made from clay.

Garden Rocks

Garden rocks can be applied throughout residential landscaping as garden ornaments to recreate a natural environment, especially for water ornaments and features. They come in multi colored sizes and shapes. You also find them in pebbled shapes and sizes. Garden rocks are great cover ups for areas where cords and piping is unfortunately visible throughout your landscaping. They can be built to generate stepping stones or arranged around your pond.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are said as one of the perfect garden ornament. They are believed able to evoke peaceful and agreeable sounds, more particularly in hectic areas. You may discover wind chimes in plenty different materials, such as aluminum, pewter, bamboo and glass. Each types of wind chime will absolutely create a different tone and sound. The sounds which wind chime garden ornaments produce can be ranged from gentle tinkling to large and long lasting gongs. You can hang wind chimes in the garden just about likely any place.

Bird Baths

Bird baths are indeed a truly popular lawn ornament option for their individual visual look. Regardless of the style of garden you pick to follow, a bird bath can be an important part of it. It can be due to their ability to wildlife to feed off. They can be placed in the front or rear lawn or garden areas, and as a result you can see native birds will be highly visible feeding off the bird baths.

By definition, a bird bath is an artificial or man-made puddle in which wild birds can bathe and from which many animals can drink. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit ones needs. In fact, they can take many forms, be simple or complex and can be made from a wide variety of materials. The most common material they are found in is concrete and stone. Bird baths age with time and its visual presence only gets better and better. And if you keep it clean and full, you can turn a normal garden into a hot spot for a wide variety of beautiful birds.


You may sue water in order to beautify your backyard in other ways as well. even though fountains were initially made for a firmly functional role, namely to provide people with water to drink, however they have long been outdated by indoor plumbing and are now becoming one of attractive ways to adorn gardens of all types. There are many types of fountains to select to which comprise of tiered, self-contained, wall mounted and disappearing ones.


Sundials are basically used to designate the time in a particular geographic location based on the position of the sun. Sundials work by using the sun as a source of light and using a stationary object named a gnomon to cast shadows onto a surface. The position of the shadow indicates the time. In order to work appropriately, a sundial must be properly constructed and the gnomon must point to celestial North.

Adding a sundial to your yard can be a fun way of tracking time, enhancing the space and it makes a great conversational object. In fact, reading a sundial can be interesting and exciting activity to do. Children will love to learn all about these captivating garden ornaments.

Sundials can be found in a wide variety of sizes, styles and shapes. But still they all will have the same sundial reading and instructions on them. They are exceedingly unique and individual and increasingly becoming the hottest garden fashion pieces.

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